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Savant Pro 8.1 Software Update Information and New Features

Savant has just released the Pro 8.1 software update which is an incremental improvement upon the 8.0 software release. The new Savant 8.1 release enhances the customer experience and makes new deployment easier. 
The Pro remote enhancements include multi-zone music distribution, power pop-up confirmation and improved connectivity. The Savant 8.1 app includes improved volume controls, zone filtering and lighting ease of use updates. Sonos is now available as a service in scene creation and many other enhancements. Please see the link below for complete details of the Savant 8.1 update.

Savant 8.1 Software Update Information PDF

Amazon Alexa Smart Home Skills List for Integration

Below is the current list of Amazon Alexa Smart Home Skills integratable with your Amazon Echo as of May 28th, 2017 in order by current release date.

Viotek SmartHome by eWeLink support

AeraForHome by Prolitec

Arrayent by Arrayent

Sparkplug By CreateAbility

Adobe Smart Home by adobe systems, inc.

Rainrobot by Unknown

Eneco Chatbot by Qdraw

TXU iThermostat Skill for Amazon Alexa by TXU Energy

Logic Machine by Embedded Systems SIA

Aquarium Light by EvilHogg

Jenn-Air Connected Ovens by Whirlpool Corporation

spott by GTO Access Systems

DreamCatcher by DreamCatcher IoT Technology LLC

Netro by Netro Inc

Sky Light by Unknown

Firefly Home - Optimized for Alexa by zpriddy

iSmartAlarm by iSmart Alarm, Inc.

Xtreme Connected Home by Simple Home

APOWER Smart Plug by AIONE Lifestyle Studio Inc

Home Comfort by Lux Products

mimoodz by Smart Gator Labs Inc.

iView by Wiltronic Corporation

Blueair Classic I by Blueair AB

SmartLifeSkill by Unknown

Master Bedroom by Sandeep Hooda

Somfy Protect by Myfox


Ring Video Doorbell Pro Motion Sensitivity Settings Help

The Ring Video Doorbell is advancing forward with the new software updates and features now available that help make it more reliable and less of an annoyance with false motion alerts. See below to help in setting up your Ring device.

1.  Open the Ring app and press the gear icon settings button located in the top right hand corner of the application.

2.  Press the Motion settings button as seen above to access the Ring's motion settings.

3.  You can now adjust how sensitive your motion sensor is when you have the motion alerts enabled on your Ring device. The middle default option may be just right for you but you may want to dial the sensitivity up to catch all activity or down for sensing people only. Important note that you can also adjust the area which the motion sensor tracks within the Motion Zones option. A larger zone or coverage will also make the sensitivity go up so a balance of the two settings is suggested to dial in your Ring Doorbell. (This settings process may t…