Ring Video Doorbell Pro Motion Sensitivity Settings Help

The Ring Video Doorbell is advancing forward with the new software updates and features now available that help make it more reliable and less of an annoyance with false motion alerts. See below to help in setting up your Ring device.

1.  Open the Ring app and press the gear icon settings button located in the top right hand corner of the application.

2.  Press the Motion settings button as seen above to access the Ring's motion settings.

3.  You can now adjust how sensitive your motion sensor is when you have the motion alerts enabled on your Ring device. The middle default option may be just right for you but you may want to dial the sensitivity up to catch all activity or down for sensing people only. Important note that you can also adjust the area which the motion sensor tracks within the Motion Zones option. A larger zone or coverage will also make the sensitivity go up so a balance of the two settings is suggested to dial in your Ring Doorbell. (This settings process may take a few adjustments to get it right for your homes needs)

4.  Note that you must have your motion alerts enabled for the sensitivity changes you made to work correctly as seen above.


  1. Can you adjust the sensitivity for each zone separately? Or, is it just one sensitivity setting for all zones?

    1. As of now the current software release only allows you to adjust the sensitivity of all zones that have been created. This may change with a future software release.


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