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Sonos 8.0 App Updated Features

The new Sonos 8.0 app update contains major UI changes that will be and is a new learning curve for Sonos users. Below are the following major changes Sonos has implemented with their newest 8.0 software release. New Tab Bar The new Sonos 8.0 app Tab Bar now allows you to access your favorites, browse your available music services, select rooms from the dedicated tab, search your Sonos music and use the more tab to get to your Sonos system settings right from the bottom of the app all the time. Easy Room Control The easy room control allows the Sonos user to send the now playing music to other rooms within the Sonos system by tapping the room name at the bottom of the app and then selecting either an individual room or the convenient everwhere slide button which plays the now playing music to all Sonos devices within the system.  Favorites All In One Place The favorites are now located all in one place from the My Sonos tab on the l