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Eero Smart Home Wireless WiFi System Review

Eero Smart Home Wireless Wifi System The Eero Wireless system is a great new product to fit the needs for the growing demand for an expanded wireless system at home. The Eero system as show above allows a WiFi system to be expanded wirelessly without the need for wiring infrastructure and network cabling all over your house. The Eero system is a perfect retrofit application for a small, medium or larger home that one wireless access point is too small to cover all the needed areas of the home and the existing older equipment is not easily configured via a phone or tablet like the Eero system is. The Eero system can be used with only one Eero device all the way to as many Eero's necessary to bridge the wireless gap you may have. The system works by installing and hard wiring one of the Eero units to your internet service providers modem and setting up via the smart phone or tablet application as your main controller and router within the system. The setup of the firs

Sonos and Crestron Integration How To Guide

Sonos and Crestron have come together with tools and a Sonos system module available to program your Sonos devices onto your Crestron system through the SIMPL programming interface. The new features allow you to share a Sonos device system wide through your Crestron music system or dedicate Sonos devices to individual rooms See the link below for viewing the full how to guide on integrating your Sonos and Creston systems. Sonos and Crestron How To Integration Guide

Cable & Satellite Company Technicians Will Leave You With A Wiring Mess

When planning for wall mounted TV's at your residence do not rely on the Cable Company or Satellite provider to leave you with a clean tidy wiring job after their installation. If you have not properly planned for the design of your TV system you can easily end up with a sloppy installation that usually only a certified electronics contractor can help you with. Your local electrician can sometimes help with these issues but depending on their experience they can get your TV hung on the wall but the necessary details and proper wiring requirements are often over looked.