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How to Wall Mount Lutron Pico Remote Control using Wallplate Bracket

Lutron's Pico remote control can be wall mounted anywhere within the house using the Wallplate bracket Lutron PICO-WBX-ADAPT Pico Wallplate Bracket and a Lutron screw less wall plate Lutron SC-1-SW Claro Single-Gang Wallplate, Snow (Satin Finish)  to give the new control a nice wall look and finish. The Wallplate bracket is simply secured to the wall with two standard drywall screws anchoring the bracket to your mounting surface. The Wallplate bracket allows you to install a wall switch with out having to run electrical wires and reduce your costs involved with running wire while maximizing your lighting control flexibility.

Lutron Caseta Works With Google Assistant And Google Home Hub Lutron Caseta Setup Instructions

Lutron Caseta now integrates with Google Assistant on your Google Home device, Pixel phone or selected Android phone and Android wear device. The new integration allows for voice activation and control of your Caseta enabled lights through your Google devices. The setup to get Lutron Caseta working with your Google Assistant is very simple and is done as follows. 1.  Login to your Google Home app. 2.  In the app menu, tap "Home Control" and then "Caseta Wireless". 3.  Login with your Lutron username and password and you are all set. The names of the devices you specified in the Lutron Caseta app are the trigger words now usable with your Google Assistant.  "OK Google" Dim the Kitchen lights by 50%"

Works with Lutron Caseta Devices and Smart Home Systems Integration List

Lutron's Caseta wireless lighting control system can be expanded beyond lighting control and integrated to other smart home systems and smart home devices. Below you can see a complete list of the current compatible Lutron Caseta smart home devices and systems. Wireless Thermostats Wireless Window Shades Smart Home Systems and Technology

Lutron Caseta and Samsung SmartThings Integration

Lutron Caseta lighting control system now works with Samsung SmartThings system. With the SmartThings lineup of products you can control your Lutron products in new ways including by motion sensing. The Caseta products can be added to your SmartThings routines to adjust lights, thermostats and other devices at a scheduled time or with the touch of a button.

Lutron Pico Remote Works with Sonos Music System as an Audio Keypad

Lutron's new Pico remote control is now available to seamlessly pair with your Sonos system giving you a music audio keypad for your Sonos system. The new Pico remote control gives you the quick convenient hard button control to play, pause, skip tracks and adjust the Sonos volume without having to launch the Sonos application on one of your smart devices. This new Pico remote control is available for your Lutron Homeworks, RadioRA2 and Caseta Wireless lighting system. The model number for the new Sonos Pico remote control is PJ2-3BRL-GWH-A02 and starts shipping September 15th, 2016 with a list price of $39.95.

The Future of Lighting Control

Smart Home lighting control has come a long way since the Vigilite light switch timer. Lutron and Vantage home lighting control have both advanced leaps and bounds within recent years.With the advent of the smartphone and apps running our lives, the logical progression in lighting is to go forth on your smartphone or tablet and control all that can be controlled. The amount of money it takes to get into a lighting control system has dropped dramatically. Now the 99% can get in on the action without having to put another mortgage on the house to get some great lighting control functions and usable features. Vigilite as seen in the picture above was a device from the lighting control past that only served one purpose and could not even connect to an iOS application. Who wants that? It remains on the lighting control shelf with the clapper and the lamp timer everyone in the 90's that took a vacation had in their junk drawer. The future of lighting control is ev