The Future of Lighting Control

image of vigilite light switch timer

Smart Home lighting control has come a long way since the Vigilite light switch timer. Lutron and Vantage home lighting control have both advanced leaps and bounds within recent years.With the advent of the smartphone and apps running our lives, the logical progression in lighting is to go forth on your smartphone or tablet and control all that can be controlled.

The amount of money it takes to get into a lighting control system has dropped dramatically. Now the 99% can get in on the action without having to put another mortgage on the house to get some great lighting control functions and usable features.

Vigilite as seen in the picture above was a device from the lighting control past that only served one purpose and could not even connect to an iOS application. Who wants that? It remains on the lighting control shelf with the clapper and the lamp timer everyone in the 90's that took a vacation had in their junk drawer.

The future of lighting control is ever preset even at the big box home improvement stores. What to get and what system is the best? Do you need dimmers, do you need switches?

I suggest getting started with the entry level Lutron Caseta system which is readily available at you local home improvement store and easily expandable once you are comfortable with what your lighting wants and needs are. Lutron Caseta and the accompanied app can allow you to easily create your own lighting scenes controlling multiple lights at once on top of triggering those created lighting scenes with time clocks. The lighting time clocks are very useful when wanting to automate yard lighting or porch lighting to come on at a certain time or can even programmed to turn on when the sun has set. 

One other great feature of the Caseta system is that you are also able to trigger your home lighting scene using Geo location which can be auto activated when you come into close proximity of your house only after dark. Other features that Caseta has are adding quick iPhone buttons using Apple's today widget, notifications on your phone if you left lights on after you have left your home, using your iWatch to control your lights and even voice Siri integration. These new features are truly the future of lighting control and this is only the start of things to come.

Start with the smart hub and dimmer/remote pack to get started as seen below and available on Amazon. If your needs for more options and styles of products increase because of a larger home than you may want to look into Lutron's other system beyond the entry level Caseta system but for starts of getting lighting control Caseta is the way to go.

image of lutron caseta lighting system

The beauty of this system is the ease of use and reliability known from the manufacturer Lutron. This lighting system is highly recommended and guaranteed to not disappoint especially with the price point Lutron has been able to reach with this new line of products. Low cost meets high value here.

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