How to Wire Crestron Cresnet Connections

image of crestron cresnet wiring connection

To wire Crestron Cresnet properly you are suggested to use Crestron's standard Cresnet cabling which consists of 4 conductors to operate correctly. You will need a small flat head screw driver called a tweeker to unscrew the 4 small screws of the green phoenix connector to be able to insert your stripped back wire ends. 

The Red wire is for the power of the Cresnet communication bus which is 24VAC. 

The White wire is the Y communication of the RS-485 bus which is the positive side of communication pair. 

The Blue wire is the Z communication of the RS-485 bus and this is the negative side of the bus pair.

 Finally the Black wire is the ground side of the power pair to complete the Cresnet connections and wiring. 

Once the wires are inserted into the Pheonix connector you will use your tweeker screw driver to fasten the wire to the phoenix connector as seen below in the picture to be able to connect whichever device you are hooking up. 

Crestron Cresnet wire is used to daisy chain devices together to create a bus of communication between devices to build a system that can be programmed with the help of a processor or "brain" of the system.

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