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Sonos S2 App Product Compatibility

Sonos has released their new S2 app and before upgrading and switching over you will want to make sure your products are compatible with the new S2 app ecosystem. If all your new products are compatible from the picture above you will be all set to upgrade. If you are unsure of this you will want to login to your Sonos system dashboard online to verify which can be done from the link below.
Sonos System Dashboard

Sonos Arc Speaker Bar Dimensions

Sonos has unveiled their new updated soundbar, The Sonos Arc which is soon to be available and unleashes the Dolby Atmos technology to the Sonos surround sounds experience.
Height: 3.4" (87 mm)
Width: 45" (1141.7 mm)
Depth: 4.5" (115.7 mm)

Sonos Move Portable Battery Powered Bluetooth WiFi Speaker Dimensions and Features

Sonos has just released their new portable speaker Sonos Move which is now shipping and available for purchase on Amazon. Sonos Move Dimensions 9.44" Height
6.29" Width
4.96" Depth The Sonos Move speaker features can be seen below.

Two Class-D digital amplifiers perfectly tuned to match the speaker drivers and acoustic architecture. Responsive audio chime lets you know Sonos Move has heard you and is working on a response. Far-field microphone array uses smart voice capture and noise cancellation. One downward-firing tweeter creates a crisp, clear high-frequency response that disperses evenly for an ultra wide soundscape.

How to Control Sonos Music System with a Battery Powered Wireless WiFi Audio Keypad Remote Control

The Sonos wireless music system has been a standard system in many homes as they have been around since 2002. Like many Sonos users the music system is solely controlled via a smartphone or tablet Apple/Android app. The Xpress Audio Keypad by iPort changes this with allowing the battery powered WiFi remote control to easily control a Sonos room or multiple rooms with the tap of a tactile button. The Xpress audio keypad is configured using the smartphone iPort app allowing the user to adjust what rooms they would like to control as well as what favorites are triggered using the favorite Star button. The keypad also allows for Play/Pause, Skip Track and Volume Up & Down. The Sonos Xpress Audio Keypad can be purchased from Amazon as seen below and is a great addition to any Sonos Wireless music system.

Sonos Beam Speaker Bar Dimensions

The new Sonos Beam speaker is now available for pre-order shipping July 17th, 2018. The Sonos Beam has built-in voice control via Amazon Alexa and also is compatible with the new Apple Airplay 2 technology.
Sonos Beam Speaker Bar Dimensions Height - 2.7" (68.5 mm)
Width - 25.625" (651 mm)
Depth - 3.94" (100 mm)

Sonos 8.0 App Updated Features

The new Sonos 8.0 app update contains major UI changes that will be and is a new learning curve for Sonos users. Below are the following major changes Sonos has implemented with their newest 8.0 software release.
New Tab Bar

The new Sonos 8.0 app Tab Bar now allows you to access your favorites, browse your available music services, select rooms from the dedicated tab, search your Sonos music and use the more tab to get to your Sonos system settings right from the bottom of the app all the time.
Easy Room Control

The easy room control allows the Sonos user to send the now playing music to other rooms within the Sonos system by tapping the room name at the bottom of the app and then selecting either an individual room or the convenient everwhere slide button which plays the now playing music to all Sonos devices within the system. 
Favorites All In One Place

The favorites are now located all in one place from the My Sonos tab on the lower left of the Sonos 8.0 app. Adding a favorite is…

Sonos 7.3 Update Features

The Sonos 7.3 update brings a few helpful features to the Sonos ecosystem allowing the user to quickly access Sonos tips right inside the app within the Sonos menu.

The 7.3 Sonos update also gives a direct link to live, real-time customer care help when in trouble using the system.

Apple HomePod Dimensions

Apple HomePod Dimensions
Height - 6.8" (172 mm) Width - 5.6" (142 mm) HomePod Weight - 5.5 Pounds (2.5 kg)  Available in Colors - Black & White

Sonos Streaming Music Service List

The Sonos music system offers almost unlimited streaming music and audio options at your fingertips. See below for the full list of available services currently available with your Sonos music system.

Sonos PLAYBASE Dimensions and TV Stand Guidelines

Sonos three years into the making have announced their newly designed PLAYBASE speaker. Sonos PLAYBASE Wireless Soundbar for Home Theater and Streaming Music (Black)The new speaker is a take off of the Sonos PLAYBAR to give the consumer more options for Sonos and TV audio setups. The speaker includes the usual control and function all Sonos speakers offer including 10 speaker drivers and 10 class D amplifiers to push those drivers.
Sonos PLAYBASE Dimensions: 2.28" H x 28.35" W x 14.96" D (58mm x 720mm x 380 mm) 

TV Feet must be 2.3" high for clearance.

Sonos and Crestron Integration How To Guide

Sonos and Crestron have come together with tools and a Sonos system module available to program your Sonos devices onto your Crestron system through the SIMPL programming interface. The new features allow you to share a Sonos device system wide through your Crestron music system or dedicate Sonos devices to individual rooms See the link below for viewing the full how to guide on integrating your Sonos and Creston systems.
Sonos and Crestron How To Integration Guide

Sonos 7.0 App Software Update New Features Spotify and Tuneplay 5.1 Home Theater

Sonos 7.0 software and app update is now available for your Sonos system which will enable new services and features to your music system. The new software features the ability to now control your Sonos system with the Spotify app sending music to any Sonos speaker within your system. A Sonos account is required to pair and linked your Sonos and Spotify services together but once completed you will enable the new Sonos Spotify software integration.

 The Sonos 7.0 update will also now allow you to calibrate and tune your Sonos Playbar, Sub and Surround Speakers with the Tuneplay app software feature. The Tuneplay service will allow the user to balance and EQ the full Sonos 5.1 surround sound music system previously only available for the Play 1, Play 3 and Play 5 stand alone speakers.

Lutron Pico Remote Works with Sonos Music System as an Audio Keypad

Lutron's new Pico remote control is now available to seamlessly pair with your Sonos system giving you a music audio keypad for your Sonos system. The new Pico remote control gives you the quick convenient hard button control to play, pause, skip tracks and adjust the Sonos volume without having to launch the Sonos application on one of your smart devices. This new Pico remote control is available for your Lutron Homeworks, RadioRA2 and Caseta Wireless lighting system. The model number for the new Sonos Pico remote control is PJ2-3BRL-GWH-A02 and starts shipping September 15th, 2016 with a list price of $39.95.

Sonos Sub Gets New Look SUBG1US1BLK

The Sonos SUB gets a new look as it falls in line with the latest Play 5 speakers aesthetics. The inside woofer of the new Sub is the same as before with only style changes this time around. The new Sub has a new part number which is SUBG1US1BLK with a UPC of 878269002338. The new Sonos Sub is available in the dealer store soon and will start shipping August 10th.

The image and link below is of the original Sub style and is still shipping until supplies last.

How to Set an Alarm on your Sonos System

1.  Within the Sonos application (app) press the menu button in the upper left corner.

2.  Navigate and scroll down within the list and press the alarm option.

3.  Select and press new alarm.

4. Set the time, room, music, frequency and volume for the alarm. Once all settings are complete press the save button in the upper right hand corner of the app and you have completed setting an alarm on your Sonos system.