How to Control Sonos Music System with a Battery Powered Wireless WiFi Audio Keypad Remote Control

The Sonos wireless music system has been a standard system in many homes as they have been around since 2002. Like many Sonos users the music system is solely controlled via a smartphone or tablet Apple/Android app. The Xpress Audio Keypad by iPort changes this with allowing the battery powered WiFi remote control to easily control a Sonos room or multiple rooms with the tap of a tactile button. The Xpress audio keypad is configured using the smartphone iPort app allowing the user to adjust what rooms they would like to control as well as what favorites are triggered using the favorite Star button. The keypad also allows for Play/Pause, Skip Track and Volume Up & Down. The Sonos Xpress Audio Keypad can be purchased from Amazon as seen below and is a great addition to any Sonos Wireless music system.


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