How to Control NVIDIA Shield with IR (Infrared)

FLIRC USB Universal Remote Control IR Receiver

When attempting to control and integrate an NVIDIA Shield with the use of a universal control you will need the help from the Flirc USB Dongle to accomplish the task which is readily available on Amazon's Online Store

When setting up the Flirc adapter you are able to configure the USB dongle and learn the IR codes that you would like to use to control your NVIDIA Shield with the downloadable Flirc configuration software. The Flirc dongle and software together learn the IR codes from any remote and allow them to control the functions of the NVIDIA Shield which are set one at a time. 

Once the setup has been completed with all the IR codes learned into the Flirc adapter you finalize the configuration and the dongle is ready to be plugged into the NVIDIA Shield in an open usb port. Essentially now you have an IR receiver located off the usb port for you to use as you wish.

The Flirc USB dongle also is compatible in controlling Amazon Fire TV, Windows Media Center, XBOX 360 and Kodi software on top of the NVIDA Shield. The simple setup using Flirc's software available on Windows, Mac and Linux will allow you easily configure and program the Flirc dongle with the parameters you need to integrate your NVIDIA Shield. 

Just remember to always upgrade the USB dongle to the latest firmware release using the Flirc configuration software located inside of the file menu of the Flirc software.


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