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Nest Pro Installations Get 5 Year Extended Warranties

When looking to purchase and install a new Nest product it is best done through the Pro Installation service network to tap into the extended warranty offered. When your Nest products are installed by a Nest Professional you are able to get the 5-year extended warranty which is 3 more years of warranty coverage compared to the standard 2 year warranty offered if purchased off the shelf or online. The extended warranty is offered on the Nest Cam, Nest Learning Thermostat and now the Nest Protect. To find a Nest Pro Installer near you follow the link to unlock your Nest product extended warranty options. Nest Pro Installer Locator

How to Setup the New Apple TV Remote App in 6 steps + Review

The new Apple TV remote app has just been released and is a great added feature and benefit when using the Apple TV for video or audio streaming media. Currently the Apple TV Remote app is only available as an iPhone download and not available for the iPad. Assuming your Apple TV is connected to your home network or wireless system the first step is: 1.  Download the new Apple TV Remote app from the Apple App Store. 2.  Once the new remote app has been downloaded from the App store locate and tap the remote app icon as seen above to open. At this point you also want to turn on your TV to your Apple TV as you will need to see the upcoming pairing code on screen. 3.  Next tap the Add Apple TV button within the app to start the pairing process. (make sure your phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple TV) 4.  Choose the corresponding Apple TV you would like to pair and start controlling as seen above. For this example we are pairi

Nest Outdoor Smart Cam Review Pro Installation

The new outdoor Nest Smart Cam is now available for pre-order on Nest or Amazon which brings us the newest addition to the Nest product family. Now with the Nest Cam you can view your outdoor areas with the new camera being weatherproofed so you won't have to worry about the elements affecting the performance and life span of the camera. The new outdoor cam has all the features of the indoor cam and it even lets you listen and talk back via the camera itself through the smart phone or tablet application. The largest down fall of this camera is the actual wiring to the camera itself. As shown in the nest demos for this new camera the installation has the wire going straight down the siding of your house. This ascetically is not appealing and beyond the looks the wiring could be cut very easily by someone wanting to do harm. The 25 ft extension cable which comes included with the Nest cam offers some flexibility for placement and installation but if you are weary of inst

Nest App Now Works With Apple iWatch

The Nest iPhone app now integrates with the iWatch allowing you to control your thermostat and temperature from your wrist without having to use the Nest iPhone application. You are also able to switch between home and away modes  with ease from a touch of your wrist. Make sure you have the latest nest app updated on your phone and configure the Nest app to be shown on your watch which is done within the iWatch phone application. As long as your iWatch is connected to your phone that has Wi-Fi and cell service the Nest application will work seamlessly on your smartwatch.

DoorBird now integrates with RTI - Driver Download

RTI has announced they have a new driver for integrating the DoorBird intercom station. The version 1.0 driver can be downloaded below. (you will need an RTI login to access) The integration and driver features are as follows: Up to 12 stations can be used with the RTI driver. Events for connected, disconnected, doorbell, door open, and motion are enabled using this driver.  The RTI driver for the DoorBird  is not for use in viewing video or communicating to the DoorBird through SIP.  The video capabilities can be seen using the Generic MJPEG Video object built into integration designer programming software.