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How to use the Savant Pro 8 App - User Guide

Savant Pro 8 App User Guide

Sonos Streaming Music Service List

The Sonos music system offers almost unlimited streaming music and audio options at your fingertips. See below for the full list of available services currently available with your Sonos music system.

Control4 Composer Operating System Software Versions List

Control4 Operating System Software Versions

Composer 2.10.0 - Released October 27, 2017

Composer 2.9.1 - Released March 14, 2017
Composer 2.9.0 - Released September 14, 2016
Composer 2.8.2 - Released April 4, 2016
Composer 2.8.1 - Released January 25, 2016
Composer 2.8.0 - Released October 14, 2015
Composer 2.7.2 - Released June 23, 2015
Composer 2.7.1 - Released May 4, 2015
Composer 2.7.0 - Released March 23, 2015

Sonos PLAYBASE Dimensions and TV Stand Guidelines

Sonos three years into the making have announced their newly designed PLAYBASE speaker. Sonos PLAYBASE Wireless Soundbar for Home Theater and Streaming Music (Black)The new speaker is a take off of the Sonos PLAYBAR to give the consumer more options for Sonos and TV audio setups. The speaker includes the usual control and function all Sonos speakers offer including 10 speaker drivers and 10 class D amplifiers to push those drivers.
Sonos PLAYBASE Dimensions: 2.28" H x 28.35" W x 14.96" D (58mm x 720mm x 380 mm) 

TV Feet must be 2.3" high for clearance.

Works with Lutron Caseta Devices and Smart Home Systems Integration List

Lutron's Caseta wireless lighting control system can be expanded beyond lighting control and integrated to other smart home systems and smart home devices. Below you can see a complete list of the current compatible Lutron Caseta smart home devices and systems.

Wireless Thermostats

Wireless Window Shades

Smart Home Systems and Technology

Control4 2.9.1 Composer Software Update Release Notes

Control 4 has come out with their incremental software update from 2.9.0 to the latest release 2.9.1. The new software is a maintenance update for bug fixes, device driver updates and new driver profiles. Amazon Alexa voice control driver is enhanced and improved with the new release. See the link below for the full Control 4 release notes for Composer 2.9.1.

Nest Cam and Lutron Caseta Integration

The Nest Cam now integrates with the Lutron Caseta Lighting control system. Once the system devices have been setup and integrated via their respective apps, the Nest Cam can trigger Caseta lighting system commands when it detects a person while you are Home or Away. The lights automatically turn on for 15 minutes to help make it appear you or someone is home.

Lutron Caseta and Samsung SmartThings Integration

Lutron Caseta lighting control system now works with Samsung SmartThings system. With the SmartThings lineup of products you can control your Lutron products in new ways including by motion sensing. The Caseta products can be added to your SmartThings routines to adjust lights, thermostats and other devices at a scheduled time or with the touch of a button.