Amazon Alexa Smart Home Skills List for Integration

Below is the current list of Amazon Alexa Smart Home Skills integratable with your Amazon Echo as of June 16th, 2020 in order by current release date.

TP-Link Router by TP-Link

Sleepace Nox by SLEEPACE LLC

Blackstone by eWeLink support

Mighty Mule by GTO Access Systems

LITEdge - from Torchstar by Torchstar Corp

1B Vent Hood by First Build

Chuango by Chuango Security Technology Corporation

tiktecklab wifi socket by rex

Stellar Wi-Fi by Sansitech

CasaTunes by CasaTunes

Smanos by smanos inc.

Smart Oil Gauge by Connected Consumer Fuel

B One VoiceAct by Blaze Automation Inc

Viotek SmartHome by eWeLink support

AeraForHome by Prolitec

Arrayent by Arrayent

Sparkplug By CreateAbility

Adobe Smart Home by adobe systems, inc.

Rainrobot by Unknown

Eneco Chatbot by Qdraw

TXU iThermostat Skill for Amazon Alexa by TXU Energy

Logic Machine by Embedded Systems SIA

Aquarium Light by EvilHogg

Jenn-Air Connected Ovens by Whirlpool Corporation

spott by GTO Access Systems

DreamCatcher by DreamCatcher IoT Technology LLC

Netro by Netro Inc

Sky Light by Unknown

Firefly Home - Optimized for Alexa by zpriddy

iSmartAlarm by iSmart Alarm, Inc.

Xtreme Connected Home by Simple Home

APOWER Smart Plug by AIONE Lifestyle Studio Inc

Home Comfort by Lux Products

mimoodz by Smart Gator Labs Inc.

iView by Wiltronic Corporation

Blueair Classic I by Blueair AB

SmartLifeSkill by Unknown

Master Bedroom by Sandeep Hooda

Somfy Protect by Myfox

HomiSmart by HomiSmart

Z-Way Smart Home

UltraSync by UHS

RHINE Fan Control by Aether Services, Inc.

Greenwave Systems SmartHome by Greenwave Systems


My Mia by Gourmia

The Thoughtful Home by VoiceXP

Manoled Smart Home by ITOKA LIMTIED

Hook Smart Home by Hook Smart Home

Hogar Smart Control by Hogar Controls

Smart Hub by Unknown

mediola SmartHome by mediola - connected living AG

Lucero Smart by rain

Firefly Home by zpriddy

db MAGIX by db MAGIX

WiOn by WIIP, Inc.

pi home by imsspl

RedBear Custom Skill by RedBear

Virtual Keypad by Digital Monitoring Products, Inc.

eWeLink Smart Home Fan by xiao fang

Blueair Classic 05 by Blueair AB

Protect America by Protect America, Inc.

smanos k1 by smanos inc.

pi Home by MD. Khairul Alarm

Gizwits Smart Light by gizwits


EufyHome - RoboVac by Anker

Ding4U by Mediazen

VeSync by VeSync

Thinka for KNX

FIBARO Custom Skill by Fibaro

CoCoSo Smart Home by preussen automation GmbH

Control Eyelight by Unknown

Smart TV Remote by adiroid

Medion Smart Home by MEDION AG

ioBroker SmartHome by ioBroker

WAlert WataSensor Inc.

AVI-on Smart Home

iRobot Home by iRobot

SmartLiving by myliveguard

Ori by Ori

K3 Connect by PKInno Inc.

Niagara SmartHub by

ComfortClick bOS Smart Home by ComfortClick

ProLights by Unknown

Blueair Aware by Blueair AB

eedomus by Connected Object

Smarthome Sherpa by Avnet

Pooley Smart by tuya technology

LG Smart ThinQ IoT Package by LG Electronics Convergence Center

Koogeek Home by Tomtop

Tommy Home by Tommy C. Liu

MightyRC Activity Skill by MightyRC

MilagrowWheeme by Abhinav Anand(Milagrow)

Chk-In Cam - Advanced Skills by chkincam

Bed Time by Amanda Doyle

Smappee by Smappee

Linear by GTO Access Systems

The Tech Reps by Smart Home Gods

Skywatch Smart Home by Skywatch Inc.

FIBARO Smart Home Skill by Fibaro

Wujia by Unknown

Link Shades by Glow Labs

iRidium by iRidium mobile Ltd.

Home Control by Sky Cheetah

Acer Air Monitor by Acer BYOC

LifeSmart SmartHome by Unknown

Mijia by Unknown

Buzzi by Browan Communications Inc.

ADT Pulse by ADT LLC

Protection 1 by Protection 1

Larnitech Smart Home by Larnitech GmbH

CNCT by Unknown

Simple Control by Roomie Remote, Inc.

Vector Security by Vector Security

Home Connect Coffee Machine by Home Connect GmbH

Nuki by Nuki Home Solutions Gmbh

HiveyPIE by Khivey

Alph@smarthing by Alpha Networks Inc.

RedBear Alexa SmartHome Skill by RedBear

ICM Controls Smart Home by ICM Controls Corp

Dog Feeder by Logesh R

iHaus Smart Home by iHaus

Bond by Olibra

Kevo by Kwikset

WiZ Smart Home skill by Taolight Ltd

Watchman by Quan

EnWave for Smart Home by Unknown

Blueair Sense+ by Blueair AB

zHome Home Automation by DSR

Home by Building 36

Guardian Protection Services by Guardian

Smappee Smart Home by Smappee

Water Falling by Nina Lum

iO.e by Unknown

Minwa HA by AppUnique Limited

Lombex by Unknown

Donald's Smart Home by Unknown

FBee Smart Home by Unknown

Elli by Dexatek

eFamily by Unknown

Patriot hobbyist smart home skill by Ron Lisle

Scheich LEDS by Jscheich

EnWave by Unknown

Cortet by CEL

Phytrex by Phytrex

JXSmart by Unknown

Quick Remote by Appestry

Foneric Smart Home by rtseng

Easy5 Smart Home by Johnny Fung

Chk-In Cam - Smart Home Skills by chkincam

HAM by Home Automation and More P.C.

Hive - Optimized for Smart Home by Centrica Connected Home Ltd

Bryant Evolution ConnexTM Control by Carrier Corporation

Carrier Infinity Touch Control by Carrier Corporation

WiZ Advanced skill by Taolight Ltd

Amie Advanced Controls by Qrio Technologies

Afero IoT by Afero

Super Jack by Cyril Gaillard

Green Point by Green Point Systems


WiSilica by WiSilica Inc.

Node-RED by Ben Hardill

Airmega by Cway Co., Ltd.

UPB Bridge by Advanced Quonset Technology, Inc

Hager IoT by Hager

GoKit Light by gizwits

Eynio by Mensur Djogic

Uni Smart by Quan

Capstone HA by AppUnique Limited

Appkettle by Appkettle Ltd

Relay Hub by Iktwo

Foxda Smart Home by rtseng

zmodo by Zmodo

Insignia Connect by Best Buy, Inc.

gokit by gizwits

neo Matrix by Pulse-Eight Limited

Henry Hall by

SSG Smart Home by Unknown

Premise by DanQ

Garadget by Softcomplex, Inc

Geeklink by Unknown

TRIGGERcmd by VanderMey Consulting, LLC

Smartenit by Smartenit

Triggi by Triggi

myStrom (unofficial) by Liip

SmartK by Unknown

My Place by Daniel Lamb

Vantage Home Automation by Vantage EMEA

Frontpoint by Frontpoint

Smart Home Recipes by Shana Russell

Wow Lamp by Unknown

Wow Lamp for Smart Home by Unknown

singlecue by eyeSight Technologies

Qwikswitch smart home by Justin

iotGizmo by iotGizmo

Neocontrol Pro by Neocontrol S.A.

SuperConn by Indrens

Circle by Circle Media Inc.

Unofficial Broadlink R3 TV Control by William Healey

Greeni Smart bulbs, plugs and smarthome by Merkury Innovations LLC

eWeLink fan by Xiao Fang

WiSilica Platform by WiSilica Inc.

AT&T Support by AT&T Support

Axial Control by InControl Home Automation

SmartHome by Unknown

Samsung ARTIK Cloud Optimized for Smart Home by Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center

MobiLinc Smart Home by Mobile Integrated Solutions, LLC

Voxior by Kyuriosity Inc.

MagicLight WiFi by MagicLight

Zipato SmartHome by Tri plus grupa d.o.o

Yeelight by Yeelight

Home Mate by Orvibo

Jinvoo Smart

Homey by Athom B.V.

Rently Keyless Smart Home by Rently Keyless

Brilliant Light Control by Brilliant

Lux Products by Lux Products

August Smart Home by August Home

Mito Phone Unofficial by Ayush Karnawat

Vivitar by Tuya Technologies

Smart Life by Tuya Technology


Waa Wrangler by Watt Wrangler

Xenon Smart by Tuya Technologies

Eddy Voice Remote Scenes by Dengineer

IOTAS Home by Bayit Home Automation

Homelink by Southern Telecom

SmarTap by SmarTap

AdQue by AdQue

openHAB by openHAB Foundation

Netgear by Netgear

Computer Music Control by syncnj

Airwave by Airwave Networks Inc

Plum by Plum

Sengled Home by Sengled

Cubic by

CPI Security inTouch

MyLeviton by Leviton Manufacturing Co. Inc

smart mi controller

Host Health by Penniman's Apps

CityVerve CDP Lighting

Genio by Genio Inc

Conrad Connect by Conrad Connect

Weathermatic by Weathermatic

iota tracker by iota tracker

The Internet of Mysterious Things by Splittix

Buzzback by Buzzback Labs LLC

Orbit B-Hyve by Orbit Irrigation

SkylinkNet by SkylinkNet

HeeLight by Lie Lu

Trash Day by J. Todd Baldwin

Halo Smoke Alarm by Halo Smart Labs

Tech Support by OneVision Resources

Vesta Home 2 US

Nucleus by CloudTalk Inc

Blossom by iConservo Inc

Guardian Technologies by Aplix IP Holdings Corporation

Nanoleaf Smarter Series by Nanoleaf

My Listing Guide by Jonathan Brown

Butler Dan by Marie

Whiz Screen by Whizscreen

Butler by Julian

Space Geek by Zain Khoja

Smitch by Karsan Technologies

Check In by ActualCalorie

Switcher Dud (unofficial) by Mor Sela

Tiktechlab by rex

Wireless Switch by Andy Mao

Laundry NFC by splittix

Find My Keys & Phone by PB Inc

Smart MirrorFashion by Summer Wu

LaMetric TIME - connected clock for smart home by LaMetric

NetzHome by netify limited

TED Commander by The Energy Detective

Rently Keyless by Rently Keyless

Powerley - Smart Home by Powerley

NuBryte by Lucis Technologies Inc

Vesta Home 2 TW

Nexx Garage by SimpalTEK

JudgeOutfit by Summer Wu

Do I have internet? by Brian Quock

Arrayent DevKit by Arrayent

Pbpass by Pbdev

Sidekick by Renovo Technologies LLC

City Services by Reydel Leon Machado

Wireless Tag (Informational) by CAO Gadgets LLC

Linksys Smart Wi-Fi by Linksys

Mirror by mpango

Home Butler by Nozza87

CheerLights by Barnaby Gray

URC Smart Home by URC

Harmony by Logitech

Homeboy by Homeboy

Stringify Smart Automation Home, Work, Life, IoT by Stringify Inc.


Cat Feeder by Darian Johnson

Crestron Home Automation by Crestron Electronics Inc.

COOLTOUCH smart switch control

Emberlight by Binary Forge

Camera by Steven

Houm by Houmio Oy

Buoy by Calliope Waterworks

Smartika by Smartika

Davina Geek by Fantworks

BuildingLink by

Party Bouncer by Jeffrey Sham

Posted Messages by Josep Valls-Vargas

SmartikaColors by Smartika

Crestron Home Automation for SmartHome by Crestron Electronics Inc.

Eero by Eero Inc.

Kuna by Kuna

Flux WiFi by FluxSmart Lighting

Neato by Neato Robotics

Spice Translate by Geetha

SSG Smart Alarm by SSG

MyEyedro: Electricity Info by

Ankuoo by Ankuoo

Speed Test by

Korner Home Security by Korner Safe LLC

Samsung Smart Home by Samsung Electronics

QRS PNO by QRS Music

Handy by Handy Technologies

Physics Systems Server by Physics Systems LLC

Lutron Connect by Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

home8 by MivaTek International Inc.

Smart Engine by W-tec AG

Wemo by Belkin International

Harmony - Optimized for Smart Home by Logitech

Night Light by ActualCalorie

HUE by Philips

SmartLink by Securenet Technologies

Samsung Smart Home by Samsung

Elli by Dexatek

WigWag Skill by WigWag

digitalSTROM by digitalSTROM AG

Mobile Expert by Springtrain

Myfox security by Myfox

Netatmo Energy by Netatmo

Almond for Smart Home by Securifi

ZOMA Worry Free Home by ZOMA LLC

Atmo by

Dwelo by Dwelo

Wiser Air by Schneider Electric

Smart Security by ADT LLC

Control 4 by Control 4

Geneva by GE

Bearcat by Mobilist

Wireless Tag by CAO Gadgets, LLC

CoffeeMachine by Bastiaan Slee

Carrier Cor Thermostat Control by Carrier Corporation

Bryant Housewise Thermostat Control by Carrier Corporation

env by Climate Automation Systems

Eddy Voice Remote by Dengineer

My home by Sandeep

Blink for Home by Immedia

Voice Controlled Car Control by Austin Wilson

Fish Tank by Amir

Luma WiFi by Luma

Iris - Optimized for Smart Home by Lowe's

FireBoard - Cloud Connected Smart Home by FireBoard Labs

Pi Home Master by Md. Khairul Alam

Korea Facts by Simon

Revogi by Revogi, LLC

Bitdog Voice by Bitdog

eGlu by WIZN Systems Private Limited

CrystalPlate by Alan Zhang

HouseBot by CeBotics LLC

Sensibo Smart Air Conditioner by Sensibo

Honeywell Lyric Round Thermostat by Honeywell

Fridgaire by Fridaire

Stack Lighting by Stack Labs, LLC.

telehems by Telehems Labs Corporation

August Home by August Home

Ingrein Clock by Ingrein

Tuya Smart by tuya technology


HomeSeer by HomeSeer Technologies LLC.

EV Charging by eMotorwerks

iHome SmartPlug Control by iHome

Vivint.SmartHome - Basic by Vivint Inc.

First Alert by Venstar Inc.

Ceiva HomeView by Ceiva Logic Inc

mydlink Home - Optimized for Smart Home by D-Link

iDevices by iDevices

Mother Goose for Nest by Tylopoda

Magic Home by Zengge Co., Limited

nomos system by nomos system AG

Honeywell Total Connect Comfort by Honeywell

ISY Optimized for Smart Home V2 by Universal Devices

Eric's Integration for Logitech Harmony by Eric Schneider

tado by tado GmbH

TalkLocal by Talk Local

Nexia by Nexia Home Intelligence

Foobot you good air guru by Airboxlab

ESP8266_Control by Ovc

Debby Onsite by PTmobile

simplehuman sensor mirror pro by simplehuman

Venstar by Venstar Inc.

Awair by Bitfinder

Butterfleye by Butterfleye

Home Control Assistant by Advanced Quonset Technology, Inc

Haiku Home by Big Ass Solutions

The Dishwasher by Chris Becker

Almond by Securifi

Insteon by Insteon

SmartThings by SmartThings

Samsung ARTIK Cloud by Samsung

Caseta Wireless by Lutron

Yonomi by Yonomi

Wink by Wink

TP-LINK Kasa by TP-Link

Nest by Nest Labs, Inc.

LIFX Optimized for Smart Home by LiFi Labs Inc.

Sensi by Sensi WiFi Thermostat

ecobee by ecobee

adobe by adobe systems, inc.

GreenIQ by GreenIQ

InControlHA by InControl Home Automation by

ISY by Universal Devices

Stringify by Stringify, Inc

Cheer Lights by hans

Simple Control by Roomie Remote, Inc.

Garageio by Alottazs Labs, LLC

Rachio by Rachio

Anythings by Molly

AnyMote Smart Remote by AB Mobile

Thermostat Controller by Underscore Research LLC

MobiLinc by Mobile Integrated Solutions, LLC

Muzzley by Muzzley

LIFX by LiFi Labs, Inc.

Vivint.SmartHome - Complete by Vivint Inc.

HomeSeer Home Automation Skill by HomeSeer Technologies LLC

Scout Alarm by Scout Security Inc

SkyBell by SkyBell Technologies, Inc.

Blumoo by Flyover Innovations

Brain of Things Control by BrainofT


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