Voice Control for Your Smart Home with Echo Dot Alexa

The Amazon Echo Dot is now available on The new device from Amazon is a great inexpensive way to add voice control Alexa to many of your smart home devices you have with the list steadily growing. The Echo Dot gives you all the features of the original Amazon echo but has a smaller speaker that is not as suitable to play music through. This is a great option if you already have a music system and would just like to add the growing and improving voice control Amazon has created. The price point is $49.99 and orders are currently back ordered until mid October. Get in line today to add voice control to your smart home and click here to see a list of all the available smart home devices the Echo Dot and Amazon Alexa work with.

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Nest New Thermostat Colors Available

Nest has announced new color options available for their flagship thermostat. The new colors options include White, Copper, Black and the traditional Stainless Steel. The new thermostat can be ordered directly from Nest or most Nest retail stores locally. If you want to take advantage of the extended 5 year warranty on your thermostat you will need to find a Nest Pro in your area and have the thermostat installed for you which you can locate a dealer here.

Lutron Pico Remote Works with Sonos Music System as an Audio Keypad

Lutron's new Pico remote control is now available to seamlessly pair with your Sonos system giving you a music audio keypad for your Sonos system. The new Pico remote control gives you the quick convenient hard button control to play, pause, skip tracks and adjust the Sonos volume without having to launch the Sonos application on one of your smart devices. This new Pico remote control is available for your Lutron Homeworks, RadioRA2 and Caseta Wireless lighting system. The model number for the new Sonos Pico remote control is PJ2-3BRL-GWH-A02 and starts shipping September 15th, 2016 with a list price of $39.95.

Nest Pro Installations Get 5 Year Extended Warranties

When looking to purchase and install a new Nest product it is best done through the Pro Installation service network to tap into the extended warranty offered. When your Nest products are installed by a Nest Professional you are able to get the 5-year extended warranty which is 3 more years of warranty coverage compared to the standard 2 year warranty offered if purchased off the shelf or online.
The extended warranty is offered on the Nest Cam, Nest Learning Thermostat and now the Nest Protect. To find a Nest Pro Installer near you follow the link to unlock your Nest product extended warranty options.
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