Crestron Lifetime Warranty for Shades, Lighting & Speakers

Crestron has announced Lifetime Warranties for the their residential product lineup of Shades, Lighting Controls and Speakers in an effort to boost their market share in these categories which is very enticing and a win for the smart home consumer. Below you can view the offerings of what is and is not included with their new Lifetime Warranty.

Crestron Shade Lifetime Warranty 

Crestron's Digital QMT shade motors are included in the limited lifetime warranty.

Crestron Lighting Lifetime Warranty

Crestron's Lighting Control Lifetime Warranty is applicable to residential lighting controllers, control panels, control modules, dimmer devices, sensors and keypad devices.

Crestron Speaker Lifetime Warranty

The Crestron Speakers Lifetime Warranty is applicable to the Air, Aspire, Essence, Excite, FS and Saros Speaker lineup.

For a full in depth view of what Crestron's Lifetime Warranty does include please visit the below link to read more.

Crestron Full Warranty Information


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