How to use Google Voice with Home Landline Telephone

Google Voice is a great free way to provide a 2nd telephone number other than your cell phone number to use for many purposes. 

Once you have signed up for a google voice number (all you need is a gmail or google account) you are able to use the google voice app to make and receive calls.

Connecting a regular telephone to your google voice account can then be accomplished by purchasing a 

Obihai OBi200

The Obihai OBi200 allows a physical telephone connection jack to use your google voice number with a plain old telephone. The Obihai does need to be hardwired to your internet router to allow connection to the internet to operate correctly. 

Once connected and setup through the ObiTalk website portal you can use your old telephone with your Google Voice number free of any monthly charges. Your old monthly landline telephone can now be cancelled and save you money each month.


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