How to Hardwire Amazon FireTV with a Network Cat5 Cat6 Ethernet Connection

The most reliable solution to feed internet to your Amazon FireTV is to hard wire it to your home network via an ethernet cable. The Amazon FireTV can be hardwired to your router and home network system by using the Amazon Ethernet for Amazon FireTV

Most home owners installing the FireTV use the built in wireless adapter but with more and more wireless WiFi devices in peoples homes this can create reliability issues when streaming content. 

The FireTV adapter is installed directly to the FireTV via the micro USB connection from the adapter and the original FireTV micro USB power is connected into the adapter. The ethernet cable is also connected to adapter inserting the hard wired network connection and proper power to the FireTV.

The Amazon FireTV ethernet adapter is the best solution to hard wire your device to obtain the fastest network speeds and can be purchased directly from Amazon using the link below.


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