Savant Pro 8.7.1 Updates, Features & DaVinci Release Notes

Savant systems automation has updated their Pro 8 software with the DaVinci 8.7.1 update which is an  update with software additions and bug fixes. Below is a list of the items included in the Savant update.

  • Support for iPhone X
  • Requested enhancements and fixes

New Features and Hardware Available with daVinci 8.7.1 Software Update
  • Savant Smart Bulbs and LED strips with TrueImage Lighting
  • Savant IP Video and Audio Distribution
  • Savant Pro Remote Multi-Room - REM-2000
  • Scene assignment to a Metropolitan keypad button
  • Savant Shades
  • Savant Touch in-wall and tabletop control screens
  • Door lock and garage door services
  • Amazon Alexa Support

See below for the full Savant DaVinci 8.7.1 Release Notes.


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