Recess And Install Amazon Echo Dot In Wall or Ceiling Flush Mount

image of recessed amazon echo dot
The Amazon Echo Dot is an excellent device that provides voice control for a growing list of smart home devices. While most Amazon Echo Dot homes have the device sitting on an end table or counter top, those areas are not the most convenient locations to have the Echo Dot pick up your voice properly.  We have all been there frustrated talking to Alexa and she doesn't understand what we say and two or three deliberate attempts at repeating ourselves finally accomplishes our voice command.

Wall mounting or ceiling mounting your Amazon Echo dot allows the user to now put the device in a more central location to help in Alexa hearing clearly what you are saying. Mounting the Echo Dot can also free up precious space in your home while also discreetly locating the device with a flush mount clean and professional installation.

The Echo Dot In-Wall / In-Ceiling recessed flush mount bracket can be purchased through Amazon from the link below.

The below Amazon link is a different style in-wall and in-ceiling mount which is more aesthetic with the acoustic cover being white and blending into most homes walls and ceilings.


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