How To Lower Your Monthly Home Alarm Bill

How To Lower Your Monthly Home Alarm Bill
Traditional home alarm systems from companies like ADT, Vivint and Protect America are expensive with the recurring monthly monitoring fees. If you also want to package a phone app with your alarm system that may also cost you more money each month on top of your monitoring alarm bill. You still can't get away without paying a recurring fee if you would like your home monitored 24/7 but you can greatly reduce and lower the amount you pay each month.

With the new Ring Alarm system you are able to lower your monthly home alarm bill to $10 (tax included) a month or even a lower price if you pay a full year for $100. The Ring Alarm system is an easy DIY alarm system that can also be paired with their great lineup of cameras and of course their flagship Ring Video Doorbell. The alarm system is usable from a traditional wall mounted keypad or the Ring phone or tablet app.

The Ring alarm system has no long-term contracts to sign up and you can cancel anytime without fees to worry about. Most traditional alarm company's force you into contracts and if you god forbid change your mind or want to cancel your service while in a contract they induce fees for doing so.

The $10 per month Ring monitoring cost also includes cloud video recordings for all your cameras and doorbells you have on your system making the benefits and price even more enticing.

Ring makes a home starter pack that will get your new alarm system up and running in about an hours time. The starter kit comes with the following equipment:

Base Station

Keeps your Alarm system online and connected to your mobile devices.


Arms and disarms your system from inside the home.

Contact Sensor

Alerts you when doors or windows open.

Motion Detector

Alerts you when motion is detected.

Range Extender

Extends the signal from your Base Station to all Alarm components.

Additional contact sensors and motion detectors can be purchased separately to supplement your homes needs to cover all areas of your house including windows and doors. The cost to replace the additional contact sensors and motion detectors that may be in place on your old system can be deferred over the course of several months or years if necessary. The Ring Alarm kit gets your new home system up and running and greatly lowers your monthly home alarm bill. See below to purchase the Ring Alarm Security Kit on Amazon.


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