Eero gen 2 and Eero Beacon Features & Spec's

The 2nd generation Eero WiFi system is now available for purchase from The new Eero comes paired in a package with the new Eero Beacon companion WiFi device which allows you to extend your WiFi network without the use of wires and connecting the two devices with cat 5/6 cabeling. The new Eero gen 2 system features the following improvements:

Eero Beacon

  1. 2X more powerful than the original Eero
  2. Tri-Band Wifi coverage
  3. Thread Connectivity

Eero Beacon

  1. Eero Beacon is half the size of the Eero
  2. Same power and coverage as the 1st Eero version 
  3. Thread Connectivity
  4. Plugs directly into a wall power outlet without the use of power cables
  5. Ambient dimmable nightlight perfect for hallway placement


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