Watch Out for the Cable and Satellite Companies Sloppy Work

image of a sloppy wiring enclosure

You are in need of a change of TV service because you are unhappy with what you are being provided with for the price you pay so you make the call to the satellite company. You place your order to switch over your TV services and an appointment is made for the following week. Finally the day arrives for your appointment and you wait until the third hour of your four hour time slot and right at lunch time the technician has arrived. He happens to be driving a personal vehicle with a magnet sign on the side of his vehicle which says authorized contractor, thats odd but ok. The installation seems to be going fine and you eventually get picture on all the TV's you have in your home which was the main goal for switching over your services. After a small tutorial and a show and tell on the new features of the system the technician has you sign for a job complete and he proceeds to the next job never to be heard from again.

The next day you happen to go to your where your cable and satellite connection enclosure is and you see a rats nest of wires popping out of the wall. You are stunned to see what a mess has been made of your nice wiring enclosure and can't even think of what the technicians name was let alone a phone number for him. You think about calling the satellite company but err on the side of I would rather sit here mad and frustrated than to go through the hoops of getting a real live person on the line to help remedy the situation if you could even get so lucky.

It is very easy to put trust in the cable or satellite company technician that is hooking up your services at your house that they will do a good job but unfortunately that is not always the case. Watching out for the quality of work is especially the important when you have a smart home wiring panel in your house and the connections aren't buried in the garage or on the side of the house where you rarely go. You have to be very cautious having technicians working at you smart house when they are only prepared to slam the cabling and services together at your house to then try and make the next call of their day.

It is highly advised to seek a professional established smart home contractor that works locally to where you live to help with the changes and installation at your residence. The smart home contractor can offer the guidance needed to direct the satellite technician to not be sloppy and do half assed work. Better yet they will most likely jump in to do many of the wiring connections to help curtail the sloppiness that comes with the satellite companies contracted technician. Doing this will save you time, money and headaches in the long run. Hiring a professional will help keep your smart home system running smoothly and your wiring looking organized and easy to work with for future changes down the road.


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