Sonos Music System Update 6.3 Details

The newly released Sonos 6.3 system update brings new features to the Sonos eco system further advancing the application and streaming audio service.

Now with the new iPhone 6s or 6s plus you are able to gently press the Sonos app icon from the home screen of your phone to get access to the short cut menu. The shortcut menu allows you to play and resume what you last listened to, choose a favorite from your starred favorites and/or search your Sonos system for music.

image of Sonos speaker and Rhapsody logo

The update also gives the Rhapsody streaming service a higher quality audio stream enriching and enhancing the sound

image of Sonos app lock screen controls

With the new Sonos update you are able to now control the music from your iPhone or iPad lock screen. This gives easy access to changing the track or station, play and pause quickly and also the ability to adjust the volume on the fly.

Sonos has also given the ability for the app to be shared via the split view and slide over Apple service. Finally with this update Sonos has simplified the Trueplay Tuning feature which will now make it even easier to tune the Sonos speakers on your system.


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