Smart Home Equipment Rack Enclosure

image of smart home rack and equipment

When building a smart home you will definitely need a space to fit the necessary equipment for your integrated system. A rack enclosure is the best possible way to achieve an organized space to bring your components together. Including a rack into your project allows for orderly wiring to and from your electronics and also allows the equipment to be serviceable down the road when issues/problems arise or you decide to make changes to your system. Equipment racks come in many forms to fit many different spaces and applications. 

image of small smart home rack

There are racks that can go inside of built cabinetry that have pull out rails built in, racks on casters that stand on the floor that can be wheeled around and racks that are built up from the ground that have external stand and rails to be able to pull the equipment rack out for access. When designing a smart home it is imperative to plan for where your equipment will reside and to take the necessary steps to house your equipment in a proper spaced out manor. There is nothing worse than stacking you gear on top of each other as this creates unnecessary heat build up on your components and also breeds wiring spider webs that confuses even the most tech savvy technician when working on your system.

image of medium smart home rack

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