Ring Video Doorbell at Night

image of ring doorbell camera view at night

The Ring video doorbell is a great stand alone smart home doorbell to give you eyes and ears on what is happening or who is at the front of your house or entry. The night camera view as shown above has built in infrared (IR) illuminators to allow the camera to be viewable at night. You can listen to the Ring's built in microphone by pressing the audio symbol in the lower right of the app to hear what is going on around the Ring doorbell. You can also press the green talk button when in a live camera view to communicate with whomever is at your front entry.

The picture above is what the Ring doorbell looks like at night with the circle light being the doorbell button. The three red lights below the illuminated doorbell button are the infrared (IR) illuminators allowing the camera to see at night. The Ring doorbell is a great device and accompanied app to help bring your home to the connected age we now live in.

image of ring doorbell camera view at night 2

image of ring doorbell camera view at night 3


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