How to Update a Crestron MC3 Processor Firmware Version

If you are looking to update the firmware version of your Crestron MC3 processor the first step is to download the corresponding .puf file from the Crestron website. This can be found under the MC3 processor product page under the resources tab and scroll down to software and firmware title.

image of crestron mc3 .puf firmware file

Once the latest version of firmware has been downloaded to your computer simply double click the above icon to open up the package update tool.

image of crestron address book utility

Upon launching the tool it will immediately take you to the Crestron address book utility where you will either reference the address entry for the processor you are wanting to update or you can create a new entry entering in the IP address of the processor on the local area network.

image of crestron mc3 package update tool progress

After you have connected to the processor from the address book entry page the updater tool will search and suggest what updates are available for your processor. Put a check mark next to all elements that you would like to update and proceed with pressing the update button.

image of mc3 firmware update completion page

After about 10-15 minutes your MC3 processor should have updated and given you a status update on whether it was completed and if there were any failures. Also to note that it is always a good idea to hard wire your computer to the network to avoid any issues with your wireless connection. Good luck with the updates. 


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