Sonos PLAYBASE Dimensions and TV Stand Guidelines

Sonos three years into the making have announced their newly designed PLAYBASE speaker. Sonos PLAYBASE Wireless Soundbar for Home Theater and Streaming Music (Black)The new speaker is a take off of the Sonos PLAYBAR to give the consumer more options for Sonos and TV audio setups. The speaker includes the usual control and function all Sonos speakers offer including 10 speaker drivers and 10 class D amplifiers to push those drivers.

Sonos PLAYBASE Dimensions: 2.28" H x 28.35" W x 14.96" D (58mm x 720mm x 380 mm) 

TV Feet must be 2.3" high for clearance.

TV on top of PLAYBASE cannot exceed 77 lbs.

PLAYBASE can be set inside a shelf or cabinet and for best acoustical results place the unit towards the front with 2" clearance on each side.


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