Nest Outdoor Smart Cam Review Pro Installation

image of nest outdoor cam front view

The new outdoor Nest Smart Cam is now available for pre-order on Nest or Amazon which brings us the newest addition to the Nest product family. Now with the Nest Cam you can view your outdoor areas with the new camera being weatherproofed so you won't have to worry about the elements affecting the performance and life span of the camera. The new outdoor cam has all the features of the indoor cam and it even lets you listen and talk back via the camera itself through the smart phone or tablet application.

The largest down fall of this camera is the actual wiring to the camera itself. As shown in the nest demos for this new camera the installation has the wire going straight down the siding of your house. This ascetically is not appealing and beyond the looks the wiring could be cut very easily by someone wanting to do harm. The 25 ft extension cable which comes included with the Nest cam offers some flexibility for placement and installation but if you are weary of installing it is highly suggested to hire a Pro installer to get the Nest properly installed and conceal the wiring as best as possible.

Looking for a nest pro installer follow the link to start a search in your area. Find A Nest Pro

image of nest outdoor cam side view


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