Works with Nest Devices

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Works with Nest connectivity service was popularized with the learning thermostat and Google's purchased line of connectable devices which now has opened up some of the possibilities for integrating the Nest devices to a larger managed system.

Control 4, Crestron, RTI and Amazon's Alexa are just a few of the systems that are now able to be paired and integrated with your Nest thermostat. This is great news for those who love the look and feel of the Nest thermostat but prefer to have your home managed with one system or app interface. (Less is More!)

Below is a list of the current devices and services that can Work with Nest.

image of nest learning thermostat

Wemo - Switch

image of wemo switch

Lifx - Light Bulb

image of lifx light bulb

Rachio - Smart Sprinkler Controller

image of rachio sprinkler controller

Skybell - Video Doorbell

image of skybell video doorbell

Phillips Hue - Smart Lights

image of phillips hue lighting system

Misfit - Sleep Tracker

image of misfit sleep tracker

August Home

image of august home smart lock

Haiku - Ceiling Fan

image of haiku ceiling fan

Amazon - Echo & Alexa

image of amazon echo smart device device

Chamberlain - MyQ Home Control

image of chamberlain myQ device

Hayward - OmniLogic

image of hayward omnilogic system

Logitech - Harmony Remote Control

image of logitech harmony remote

Wink - Smart Home Platform

image of wink smart home hub

EnPhase - Smart Energy

image of enphase micro inverter

Simplehuman - Mirror Pro Sensor

image of smart mirror

Whirlpool - Laundry

TrackR - GPS Tracker

image of smart gps tracker

Ray - Super Remote

image of ray super remote

Charge Point - Vehicle Charger

image of charge point vehicle charger

PetNet - Smart Feeder

image of petnet smart feeder

Scout Alarm - Smart Home Security

image of scout alarm panel

XFinity - Home Platform

image of xfinity logo

Mimo - Smart Baby Monitoring

image of mimo devices

Lutron - Caseta Wireless Lighting

image of lutron caseta kit

Securifi - Almond

Waxman - Leak Smart

ISI Technology - Heatworks Model 1

GreenIQ - Smart Garden Hub

Keen Home - Smart Vent

Foobot - Smart Air

MyFox - Home Alarm

Control 4 - Smart Home Platform

image of control 4 logo

Crestron - Smart Home Platform

image of crestron mc3 processor

Ooma - Smart Home Phone

image of ooma home phone device

Skydrop - Smart Sprinkler Controller - Smart Sensors

image of device

Insteon - Smart Home Platform

image of insteon starter kit

Beddi - Intelligent Alarm Clock

Zuli - Smart Plugs

image of zuli smart plug

Stack - Smart Lighting

image of stack lighting starter pack

Osram - Lightify

image of lightify gateway

Nuheat - Signature Thermostat

image of nuheat signature thermostat works with nest

Kwikset - Kevo Smart Lock

image of kwikset kevo smart lock works with nest

SimpliSafe - Home Security

image of simplisafe some security starter pack works with nest

Withings - Smart Sleep Device

image of withings smart sleep device works with nest

Elan - Home Automation
RTI - Home Automation

image of rti xp-6 processor works with nest

Deviate - Thessa
Webb Apps - Home Alerts App
Underscore Research - Voice Thermostat Controller
MaaDoTaa - Geocam
AT&T - Digital Life
Yale - Linus
Hughs - Sage
Calida - Widget
LG - Home Chat
Motorola - Moto Loop
 Pebble - Leaf Smartwatch - Quick Control
SDI Technologies - iHome Connector
 Automatic - Control Panel
Hunter Douglas - PowerView Window Coverings
EVRYTHNG - Smart Platform
Get Safe - Home Security
Rheem - Smart Water Heater
 Febreze - Home
 Vinli - Home Connect
 Vivent - SkyControl
ADT - Pulse
Verisure - Alarm System
Roomie - Simple Remote Control
Google - Now
IFTTT - Smart Platform
Muzzley - Smart App
Stringify - Smart Platform
Netvibes - Smart Platform
WeatherBug - Home
Yonomi - Smart App - WrisTemp for Android Wear
 Y Media Labs - App
Roost - Desktop App
Marconelly - Thermo Watch
Alice - Alice App

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