Protect Outdoor Wiring

image of outdoor smart home wiring

Protected wiring is a must when running wires outside. There are many reasons why running outdoor wiring in PVC or metal conduit is the best practice to protect the wiring and improve the longevity of the wires. 

The outdoor elements can wreak havoc on any type of wiring from animals chewing on your wires to the sun beating down on the wire breaking down the protective layer for which all wiring needs to operate and work correctly. If you have gardeners or you are a DIY yard specialist you may at some point in time run into your outdoor wiring with a shovel or a set of shears trimming your hedges. Outdoor conduit can provide that added protection for your wiring to make it last for years to come. If you see a technician not protecting the wiring they are running you can be sure they are going the lazy route and you should be weary of their craftsmanship.

image of wire conduit roll

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