If Electronics are Unresponsive - Check the Power Supply

image of computer power supply

We all have experienced the feeling of "what happened, it's not turning on". If you have anything from a computer to a CD player that flat out just stopped working you are very likely dealing with a broken and dead power supply. This would be especially true if you did not have your piece of electronic equipment hooked up to a surge protector or better yet a power conditioner. Check the power supply with a voltage meter to help see if it does not read to specification if you have a piece of electronic gear that is not cooperating or flat out dead and unresponsive. The power supply is usually one of the most likely elements of a electronic device to go out and cause problems for you and your setup/system. A voltage meter cannot detect all issues with a power supply so a good rule of thumb is if the unit does not show any signs of life test it with a new power supply to help see if you can bring your electronic equipment back to life. The best practice to help combat dead power supplies is to protect your equipment with a power conditioner as shown below.

image of power conditioner

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