Apple Music Free Trial and Options

image of apple music free trial

Apple Music is now offering a free trial for their new streaming music service. The free music trial is good for 30 days and after the trial ends the Apple Music membership service is $9.99 for you or you can also get their family membership for $14.99 per month.

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The Apple music streaming service can easily be started with any iOS device running the current iOS 8.4 software version. Open the music app on your device and in the upper left press the profile icon and then tap join apple music.

image of apple music screen tabs

Within the new Apple Music streaming app the option tabs on the bottom are as follows:

  • For You - Offers you handpicked recommendations to listen to based on what you currently listen to.
  • New - Music experts recommend new music worth listening to.
  • Radio - Music broadcasting which is live from Los Angeles, New York and London. Beats Radio One is a must listen too.
  • Connect - A new way to connect to your favorite artists getting audio, video and photos straight from the band.
  • My Music - Your available music library which you are used to along with the entire Apple Music Library.

image of apple music app options

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