Smart Home Wall Clutter

image of smart home wall clutter

Smart Home wall clutter can happen very easily to a home when an automation system design has failed to take into account the ascetics of the home. This wall clutter phenomenon especially happens when you have too many different contractors implementing electronics within your household. Most of the time when this happens the electronic elements within your home do not play well together and for many create unnecessary devices and switches and thermostats and touch panels that clog up your wall space and look with drywall acne throughout your home.

With the advent of the iPad and pairing this with a well designed and implemented home automation control system, placing the tablet on an inductive charging dock it is a nice way to prevent wall clutter for your smart home. Keep your walls clean and free of electronic clutter by consulting and talking with your contractor or builder and demanding that you have one cohesive system that can limit the dials and switches on your walls.

image of inductive iPad charging dock

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