Recess And Install Amazon Echo Dot In Wall or Ceiling Flush Mount

The Amazon Echo Dot is an excellent device that provides voice control for a growing list of smart home devices. While most Amazon Echo Dot homes have the device sitting on an end table or counter top, those areas are not the most convenient locations to have the Echo Dot pick up your voice properly.  We have all been there frustrated talking to Alexa and she doesn't understand what we say and two or three deliberate attempts at repeating ourselves finally accomplishes our voice command.
Wall mounting or ceiling mounting your Amazon Echo dot allows the user to now put the device in a more central location to help in Alexa hearing clearly what you are saying. Mounting the Echo Dot can also free up precious space in your home while also discreetly locating the device with a flush mount clean and professional installation.

The Echo Dot In-Wall / In-Ceiling recessed flush mount bracket can be purchased through Amazon from the link below.

The below Amazon link is a different style in-…

How To Lower Your Monthly Home Alarm Bill

Traditional home alarm systems from companies like ADT, Vivint and Protect America are expensive with the recurring monthly monitoring fees. If you also want to package a phone app with your alarm system that may also cost you more money each month on top of your monitoring alarm bill. You still can't get away without paying a recurring fee if you would like your home monitored 24/7 but you can greatly reduce and lower the amount you pay each month.

With the new Ring Alarm system you are able to lower your monthly home alarm bill to $10 (tax included) a month or even a lower price if you pay a full year for $100. The Ring Alarm system is an easy DIY alarm system that can also be paired with their great lineup of cameras and of course their flagship Ring Video Doorbell. The alarm system is usable from a traditional wall mounted keypad or the Ring phone or tablet app.

The Ring alarm system has no long-term contracts to sign up and you can cancel anytime without fees to worry about.…

Ring Spotlight Cam Image During The Day With Sunny Conditions

The Ring Video Spotlight Cam offers great wide angle video visibility to help keep eyes on your home as seen in the image above. The Ring Spotlight Cam can be purchase via Amazon for the easiest fast shipping.

How to get Amazon Fire TV remote to control TV volume and power with (IR) Infrared

The Amazon Fire TV remote control has limited buttons and functions because of its size and in order to allow the remote to control your TV via Infrared (IR) you will need to use the SideClick Remote Control attachment. The Side Click remote control can learn your TV IR codes and with a small setup process easily control your TV's power and volume for simple use. 
The Side Click remote control has a total of 8 programmable buttons that can be used for any IR device (ie. Sound Bar, Receiver, Bluray) and is not limited to your TV only. The Side Click remote is available Prime shipping from Amazon with the link seen below.

Sonos Beam Speaker Bar Dimensions

The new Sonos Beam speaker is now available for pre-order shipping July 17th, 2018. The Sonos Beam has built-in voice control via Amazon Alexa and also is compatible with the new Apple Airplay 2 technology.
Sonos Beam Speaker Bar Dimensions Height - 2.7" (68.5 mm)
Width - 25.625" (651 mm)
Depth - 3.94" (100 mm)