Sonos 8.0 App Updated Features

The new Sonos 8.0 app update contains major UI changes that will be and is a new learning curve for Sonos users. Below are the following major changes Sonos has implemented with their newest 8.0 software release.
New Tab Bar

The new Sonos 8.0 app Tab Bar now allows you to access your favorites, browse your available music services, select rooms from the dedicated tab, search your Sonos music and use the more tab to get to your Sonos system settings right from the bottom of the app all the time.
Easy Room Control

The easy room control allows the Sonos user to send the now playing music to other rooms within the Sonos system by tapping the room name at the bottom of the app and then selecting either an individual room or the convenient everwhere slide button which plays the now playing music to all Sonos devices within the system. 
Favorites All In One Place

The favorites are now located all in one place from the My Sonos tab on the lower left of the Sonos 8.0 app. Adding a favorite is…

How to Setup and Control Amazon Fire TV with Alexa

Link Your Devices 
From the Amazon Fire TV go to Menu and select Music, Video, & Books.Select Fire TVSelect Link Your Alexa Device then follow the on-screen instructions to select your deviceFinally select Link Devices to confirm the device pairing.
You can link multiple Alexa devices to the same Fire TV, but each Alexa device can only be used to control a single Fire TV. To link your Alexa and Fire TV devices they need to be on the same Amazon account to work correctly.

URC MX HomePro Amazon Alexa Skill Integration

URC has released their Alexa Smart Home Skill which is compatible with the URC MX HomePro remote control system. The new integration allows any URC control system macro to be triggered through an Alexa voice command. Use the URC Home Skill to control lights, thermostats, shades and custom scenes available on the URC control system. The Amazon Alexa integration must be completed by a professional URC systems integrator.

Eero gen 2 and Eero Beacon Features & Spec's

The 2nd generation Eero WiFi system is now available for purchase from The new Eero comes paired in a package with the new Eero Beacon companion WiFi device which allows you to extend your WiFi network without the use of wires and connecting the two devices with cat 5/6 cabeling. The new Eero gen 2 system features the following improvements:

Eero Beacon 2X more powerful than the original EeroTri-Band Wifi coverageThread Connectivity

Eero Beacon Eero Beacon is half the size of the EeroSame power and coverage as the 1st Eero version Thread ConnectivityPlugs directly into a wall power outlet without the use of power cablesAmbient dimmable nightlight perfect for hallway placement

Sonos 7.3 Update Features

The Sonos 7.3 update brings a few helpful features to the Sonos ecosystem allowing the user to quickly access Sonos tips right inside the app within the Sonos menu.

The 7.3 Sonos update also gives a direct link to live, real-time customer care help when in trouble using the system.